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Eye camps

Adhistan Bharat Trust’s flagship community healthcare initiative provides free Eye camps, which are held twice a month, In addition to treatment for general ailments, free spectacles will be provided to the patients along with medicine, and those with cataract or other eye complications will be taken to the base hospital in Visakhapatnam to perform surgeries for free. Adhistan also provides transportation and food arrangements to the walk-ins.

113 Total eye camps
44,326 Total beneficiaries

Women health camps

With the aim to promote health and hygiene awareness amongst the teenage population and women, Adhistan Bharath Trust organised women health camps. The camps were attended by a team inclusive of a Gynecologist / General Practitioner and a Nutritionist accompanied by a nurse and lab technician. Free medicines were provided to the patients as prescribed by the doctors in the camps.

54 Total camps
9,500 Total beneficiaries

Access to clean water

Our water projects provide access to clean water for drinking and household needs. We provide water to the people of Pudimadaka Panchayat and ZPH School. Adhistan Bharat Trust installed 2 safe drinking water plants in Pudimadaka and Jalaripalem villages, Where water is pumped by Adhistan Water Treatment Plant free of any expense to the two plants. Also, supplying drinking water to ZPH School in Pudimadaka daily through water tankers. These water plants are operated with the help of Naandi Foundation and maintenance cost borne by Adhistan Bharat Trust.

2 RO plants
3,500 Total beneficiaries

Awareness on personal hygiene habits

Adhistan India implemented a campaign to raise awareness about “Personal Hygiene Habits” amongst the teenage population. As part of the campaign, distributed 12500 hygiene kits to the students and 1200 IEC books to the schools.

As part of the campaign, twelve Cluster Coordinators were employed and worked with Coordinating Teachers in each school or qualified resource persons and carried out awareness sessions twice a month on personal hygiene habits and COVID appropriate behaviours.

The six months campaign emphasized on the importance of personal hygiene and how it helps in keeping the body health and clean.

Adhistan India collaborated with VGSS Parishad (Sadhana), an NGO to implement this campaign.

40 Schools
12,500 Total beneficiaries

Nutritional health kits to women

Good nutrition and healthy food intake during the antenatal period are critical for expecting mothers. Brandix India collaborated with Akshaya Patra Foundation to support in providing nutritional health to lactating mothers and pregnant women. Through this initiative, more than [XYZ] Shakti kits distributed to lactating mothers and pregnant women in more than 200 Anganwadi Maternity Centers (AMCs) in Atchuthapuram, Yelamanchilli, Regupalem, Purushothapuram, Haripalem, Rambili, Dimili and Maduturu Mandals.

200 Anganwadis
2,000 Total beneficiaries

COVID relief support

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, BIAC provided essential medical equipment to primary health care centres in Atchuthapuram, Rambilli, Mungapaka and Chuchukonda Mandals.We also provided multiple oxygen concentrators to the Government of Andhra Pradesh to aid critical COVID-19 patients, supported in the set-up of a COVID Care – the Vivekananda Medical Trust, and conducted COVID vaccination drives for communities in and around Atchuthapuram Mandal.

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