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Spread over 1000 acres, is strategically located in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam

One of the largest integrated industrial parks in India

Power, Water, Telecommunication, Internal Road Network, Non-Processing Zone

World Class Infrastructure

Availability of skilled workforce

Talent Pool

Well connected to Airports, Seaports, Roads and Railways

Strategic Location with Exceptional Connectivity

Home to World-Class Tenants

Global Footprint

Most Cost Competitive

Lower initial investment due to common infra & double-shift operation

Adhistan -Asia’s most competitive manufacturing destination

A vertically integrated supply chain with flexible production capacity that enables seamless onboarding of new clients and production orders to effectively meet market demands.

Speed to market is a paramount advantage, achieved through a finely tuned combination of minimizing lead teams. This not only accelerates product development but also ensures cost-effectiveness through streamlined processes. The plug-and-play infrastructure adds another layer of flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to changing market demands.

Compliance assurance remains a cornerstone, and the park is committed to strict adherence to ESG standards, creating a sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.

Adhistan offers a holistic environment to meet the needs of the global marketplace: speed to market, cost effective, flexibility, and compliance assurance. Spread over 1000 acres, Adhistan includes a multiproduct Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a Domestic Tariff Zone (DTZ) and an Apparel Manufacturing Zone.

Adhistan is among the most preferred Industrial destinations in Asia, with currently more than 15 companies operating in the Park including world-class companies like Teejay India Pvt Ltd, Brandix Apparel India Pvt Ltd, Pioneer Elastics India Pvt Ltd, Ribest Ribbons and Bows India Pvt Ltd, International Trimmings & Labels (ITL) Pvt Ltd, S&S Industries India Pvt Ltd and Shore to Shore Pvt Ltd and more.

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